Revive your body

A luxurious, tranquil unique peaceful massage that will let you discover Abha’s natural heritage in your mind. Feel the cool breeze of the mountains and the taste of Aseer’s greenery during this beautiful treatment which will refuel your mind and body with new power.www, fake rolex

ayurvedic treatment

Enjoy the Ayurvedic Treatment approach at Abha Palace SPA and nourish the body. Our SPA professionals are fully trained with the best practices. Plan to book your favorite massage from below.


In this massage, warm oil is poured from a special kind of bowl, known as Kindi, which is placed some inches above the body. While the oil soothes your nerves.

Starting SR200


In this head massage, stimulation of the nerves is the motive. A continuously flowing stream of medicated or herbal oil is poured on the scalp, which treats mental fatigue, increases focus and clarity and relieves headache.

30 min for SR150


A full body massage is given in this procedure along with medicated hot oil chosen according to the medical condition of the patient. Proper attention is paid to the temperature of the oil to ensure comfort of the patient.

starting SR250

Our spa area

SPA is situated at the basement level of the hotel building adjacent to the Fitness Gym and Swimming pool.

Opening hours: 08.00 am – 11.00 pm